Laurent Chambert – Et si nous cessions d’avoir peur

Laurent Chambert - Et si nous cessions d'avoir peur

All the times we spent in 2001 (media digest) I Experimental I Et si nous cessions d’avoir peur, Laurent Chambert – images, musiques, en utilisant les flux télévisuels, sons et images, temps réel… The Other Colors is a French experimental electronic band formed in 2007 in Paris, France by Laurent Chambert and Marie Möör. Previously trading under the name, Rose et Noire, album releases : Rose et noire, 2003 and Tracé dans le bleu, 2006.. French singer and songwriter, Marie Möör collaborated with Barney Wilen on some new wave 45s during the 1980s (Pretty Day). She collaborated also with Jean-Louis Murat (1998) and Christophe (2001) with « J’aime l’ennui », « La Man » (single of the album « Comme si la terre penchait » and – in 2008 – « Wow wow wow » (interprété par Isabelle Adjani) and « Odore di femina » (album « Aimer ce que nous sommes »). Classically trained in piano and with a passion for Visual Arts, Laurent Chambert then studied Fine Arts at l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Saint Etienne (Ensba), France. His approach to musical composition and visual creations is strongly influenced by a spatial dimension, which in its infinite possibilities can make sound exist as an independent component. The sounds Laurent Chambert produces are usually found through research, often with the help of electronic machinery or computer assistance. Laurent Chambert won the Qwartz Electronic and New Music Awards 2008 (Expérimentation/Recherche) – Suspense, 2007 (album). Marie Möör and Laurent Chambert knew how to combine research on words, feelings, and on sound, the tessitura also, giving birth to an electronic and literary music, proof that these two are not incompatible. 361, 2008 ALF10, 2010 Up Up Up, 2012 Words and Vocals by Marie Möör Music composed by Laurent Chambert.

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