Track from 2017 (Radio Edit), Digital Album
Released January 17, 2017

Pretty Day (Remix)

The Other Colors are an innovative electronic band hailing from France as they effortlessly revolutionize the contemporary sound of music (…) This FX on this song create wispy flagellations that automate throughout the tracks infrastructure while staying cohesive and true to the overall mix. The panning strategies make for an exciting experience for those listening with headphones as it utilizes stereo imaging to a higher degree with careful orchestration. The glitch analog texture encapsulates the entire composition with state of the art fundamental electronic sound meshed with an added boost of authenticity and vigor. The fluctuations in instrumentals are variable throughout the track which keeps it both exciting and sustainable in relation to the contrasting frequencies. The high octave bells work extraordinarily well with the metronome- esque instruments while combining drill bit distortive conceptualizations in the ambient bedrock. Pretty Day (Remix) is not something that one would catch on a mainstream playlist but nonetheless is a vital component of the resurgent renaissance of authentic music sweeping the world today and putting fire under the waning traditional music industry.

Pretty Day (Remix) • June 4, 2017
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