NonStopOui (music)

Twitter feed with : emotion + color + track randomly selected

Since October 2016, @NonStopOui is a Bot Twitter
With a new post every 3 hours and an original combination of words between emotion and color.


The feed has been used to quickly spread Spotify links and the display of tracks in a random order. We have a database  as an entry point for our community of over 3,000 references. It is enriched progressively with the links of the musicians who are discovered. 

This is not a strictly automatic system

We have the possibility of a real interactivity with the artists : gradually, we provide (retweet) the news of our virtual artistic community. This also enables us to stay firmly in the flux, while remaining relatively lively, reactif, human.


Original Playlists

Artists can submit their Spotify links @NonStopOui
+ Collaborative Spotify Playlist