The Other Colors

Marie Möör and Otros, Outras, Other, Autres couleurs,

Today’s noise, tomorrow’s music


accent accompaniment accoustic already amazing appealing arrangement atmospheric attention awesome backing balance ballad bass beat beautiful beauty’s beginning blend boring break bridge brilliant building builds calming captures catchy chords chorus chosen clear commercial complimented created creates decent deep different  distinctive drums during dynamic easy effects electric elements else emotion emotional ending energy enjoyable excellent experience expressive extremely fantastic fast feeling feels flow flowing friends full girl guitar happier happy hard harmony heart high higher hook hope indie inspiring instrumental instruments interesting intro itunes kick layer lead levels live long loud love lower lyrics matches meaningful mellow melody memorable middle mix mood movie nicely notes opening original pace passion perfect performance perhaps person piano picture pitch popular potential powerful pretty production professional progression quality radio real recommend relate relateable relaxing rythm rich riffs rock romantic show simple singer slow smooth soft solid solo soothing spotify steady streaming strong style subtle suited sweet talent tell tempo theirs theme tone touchy tune tuneful tunes unique upbeat usual varied verses voice voices volume warm wild words